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Botanica Lilith

Conjure Oil Set

Conjure Oil Set

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Set of 3 oils:

Protect Ya Neck is a grapeseed oil-based product, enriched with protective herbs and roots. With its blend of lemongrass, hyssop, and clove scent, this oil is designed to keep away unwanted energies, entities, and situations when used with intention and prayer. Perfect for keeping yourself safe before leaving the house. 

Rich Witch is crafted with almond oil, infused with money-drawing herbs and 24k gold flakes. Rich Witch promotes the development of long-term prosperity. Complex aromas of Patchouli and peppermint create a sensory experience that can be leveraged to form specific goals and intentions for growth. To ensure success, practitioners are recommended to live with a spirit of ongoing gratitude. 

Love Me is an almond oil-based blend that attracts love and builds self-confidence. Infused with patchouli, rose and lavender scent, this oil is the perfect way to manifest the radical love you deserve. 1.7oz bottle. 

Use as anointing oil, hair/body oil, bath oil, dress candles, or on any spiritual tools. Please contact us if you have any skin allergies/sensitivities. 1.7oz bottles

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