Jetzi launched Botanica Lilith during the summer of 2020, driven by a deep ancestral calling to share the wisdom of food sovereignty, holistic healing, and the transformative power of herbs & roots. As an Afro-Latinx woman, her spiritual and organizational endeavors are deeply informed by her identity, guiding her to nurture and empower her community through preservation and healing.

With a diverse skill set and a passion for creative expression, Jetzi has led numerous workshops on topics ranging from photography and mental health to liberation and spiritual protection. As a psychic medium and tarot reader since 2017, she offers spiritual consultations at Sideshow Gallery that combine cartomancy, astrology, and intuitive guidance to support individuals on their journeys.

Jetzi's journey began in Chicago, where she cultivated a unique perspective that fuels her eclectic career. A seasoned photographer with over fifteen years of experience, she has captured the essence of countless musicians, including Ivy Queen, M.I.A, and Cardi B. Her educational background in Photography and Political Science from Parsons School of Design and DePaul University, coupled with her extensive production and project management experience, has equipped her to collaborate with some of the most  influential figures of our time in Chicago & New York City. Her resume includes work with legendary figures such as DJ Venus X and visual storyteller Elise Swopes. 

Rooted in her family's legacy, Jetzi draws inspiration from her grandmothers, Trinity and Raquel, who established the garden behind her parents' home. Among the blooms, a cherished rosebush continues to thrive, serving as a poignant symbol of ancestral blessings and inspiration for some of Botanica Lilith's most beloved products. Utilizing these homegrown flowers and herbs, Jetzi crafts an array of offerings, including anointing oils, fixed candles, and curated kits, available in her shop.

Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Jetzi is dedicated to community engagement and empowerment. Through Lilith’s Side, she orchestrates events that spotlight local creators, spiritual wellness, and community care.

For inquiries regarding photoshoots, event planning, wholesale orders, or workshops, feel free to reach out via email info@botancalilith.com