How to do an Egg Limpia / Cleanse

A simple and very necessary part of your spiritual practice and hygiene. You will need: 


An egg (room temp)

A glass (that you'll only use for this purpose)

Salt (sea salt is preferred, but whatever is available works)


You can do this at any time, but I like to do these on a Sunday or a Monday. Definitely want to include this at beginning of each month and ahead of New Years Day. Do this ritual alone, unless you're performing it on someone else. 

** Rule of thumb when doing any form of cleansing, crack open a window so that the bad energy can find its way out of your space.


1. Fill the glass with water. Don't fill to the brim, you want to leave just enough space at the top to include an egg and not overflow.

2. Take the egg and channel your energy into it. Hold it, rub it in between your hands and begin to clear your head.

3. Pray to your guides, ancestors or any Saints that you work with. I usually pray to Santa Clara for these kinds of workings. I ask her to relieve me of any pain, stress, anxiety, hate or evil eye thrown my way. 

Santa Clara, is a popular saint for removing blocks in your life, clearing your mind, and reducing your anxiety. She can be petitioned whenever you are experiencing difficulties or fear.

4. Start at your head and move the egg in downward motions. Getting all areas of your body, your back, your booty, your shins, all the way down to the soles of your feet. Avoid moving the egg in an upwards motion, as we are flushing the bad energy down & out, and don't want to bring it back up into our bodies.

I saw on online that some folks rub the egg over their body for up to 30 minutes!!! If you have the time, and feel called to do so -- do that. Personally, I will just do it for a minute or two -- longer if I haven't cleansed in a while.

5. Crack the egg and pour it into the water.

6. Pour salt over it, at least 9 pinches of salt.

7. Place the glass on top of your fridge or at your altar for 3, 5 or 7 days. Watch the egg for any interesting things you notice. Here are some common egg reading results:

  • If the egg sink down to the bottom with no significant silhouettes, and the water is clear -- you're all good.
  • If the egg floats a bit, you need to do another cleanse after 7 days.
  • If there's lots of bubbles, that means there's lots of spirits around that are looking out for you and protecting you.
  • If the egg has the yolk strings shooting towards the top of the glass, it indicates that the negative energy around you is overwhelming. This is common in folks who are always drained and are affected by the mal de ojo (evil eye) I would recommend doing another egg cleanse after the 7 days of doing this one.
  • If you see an animal/human figure in the yolk, it means someone is envious of you.
  • If there's black/red spots in the egg, its recommended to go to the doctor for a check up as it can indicate illness.
  • If you accidentally break the egg during the cleansing, that means bad spirits are trying to prevent you from cleansing yourself. Start over carefully and do a protection ritual afterwards.



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