Guide to Fixed Candles

Candle work is probably my favorite form of magic. A fixed candle paired with a good Spirit bath on a full moon... *chefs kiss*.

Fixed candles are candles that have have been ritually prepared and dressed with certain oils, crystals, herbs and roots. The candle color and recipe varies depending on your intention.   

Here's a quick cheat sheet for what I use according to intention:

Protection: Black, clear quartz, Chile de arbol
Power: Red, high join root, carnelian
Love: Pink/Red, basil, rose quartz
Road Opener: Yellow/Orange, obsidian, cinnamon
Peace/Court Case: Blue, chamomile, lapis lazuli 
Money: Green, rose of Jericho clippings, and citrine.
White: Universal purposes, good for manifesting just about anything. You can never go wrong with yellow jasper and roses.

Setting an intention & praying over your candle is a vital part of your candle work. A physical manifestation of your candle spell is called a petition

  1. To create a petition, it is ideal to use an unbleached piece of paper and write on it with a pencil.
  2. You will write your full name 9 times across
  3. Then turn the paper 90 degrees.
  4. You will then write a short affirmation/intention across 9 times.
  5. I like to write/speak in present tense as if I already have manifested what I'm asking for. Here is an example protection intention/affirmation:

    I am divinely protected, and on the road to wealth and abundance"
  6. When trying to attract/manifest something, you will fold this paper towards you 5 times. When trying to banish/avoid something, you will fold the paper away from you 5 times.
  7. Place the petition under the candle while it burns.

Once the candle is lit, try to be still with it for a while. I love taking a bath and observing the flame. It's always best to get your candle read by a practitioner, but here is another quick cheat sheet on basics of how to read a candle:

High Flame: Your request is heard by Spirit and will be easily attained

Low Flame: Your request is unclear, unreasonable or not in alignment

Black Soot around the top only: Negative blocks removed

Black Soot traveling down the candle: Your request has been blocked, more work is needed. Can indicate spell work.

Cracked Candle: Depending on the spot on the candle, this can be a good or bad thing. It’s believed that if the glass cracks, Your request is being blocked, or you done pissed someone off! More work could be needed.

Alternatively, if most of your candle burned through, and it cracks towards the bottom — then there was likely a breakthrough despite the some blockages trying to stop the spell 🤍


Friendly reminder to never blow your fixed/spell candles out. You can use a candle snuffer or cover the candle to put out the flame. For safety, I like to place my tall prayer candles in a bowl of water - as they are meant to burn straight for 7 days. Before you light the candle, make sure you have a safe, sacred space away from any danger & children especially.

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