Eden Candle
Eden Candle
Eden Candle
Eden Candle

Eden Candle

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Coconut wax candle made with love drawing herbs, roots and minerals. Musky, floral & herbaceous scent using our Love Me conjure oil. This blend was made to help build self-confidence and manifest radical love of all kinds.

Mysterious & enigmatic, Lilith is associated with sexual empowerment, self-ownership & walking the path less traveled. She refused to be submissive to Adam & made her own way beyond the paradise of Eden

In collaboration with Ruiz Atelier. Available in 7oz and 2oz


Each candle comes fixed with:
Rose Quartz – A stone of unconditional love. Helps deepen relationships of all kinds & increases the love toward yourself.
Roses – The Queen of the Flowers; a symbol of love, passion, and protection. With 300+ species of roses, they’re one of the most ancient medicinal plants with records dating 35 million years. Helps issues of the heart, depression, anxiety & grief.
Lavender – Represents devotion, grace & calmness. Used historically for love spells, to heals wounds, relieve stress & induce sleep.
Cinnamon –  Known as a symbol of fertility, good luck & health. Associated with the Sun & element of fire. Burn cinnamon sticks to purify a space & raise vibrations.
Jasmine – Associated with various deities of love like Kamadev, Oshun, Venus & Aphrodite. This is a  flower of beauty, abundance & unconditional love. 
Catnip – History of use for stress relief, as a fever reducer & for feline magick. Used to attract friendships & connections that bring joy.